Find Amazing Retro Sounds in The Nord Electro 3

Music enthusiasts can now experience an improved musical instrument from Nord. A successor to the Electro 2 has been released to the market to fulfill the demand for more creative sounds. It is called the Nord Electro 3; a semi-weighted waterfall keyboard which features retro sounds. When you see it you will notice that it looks similar to the previous Nord Electro keyboards. However, there are some changes in this latest model and new features have been added.

One big change in the new model is that the main control panel has been moved to the center position. However, the casing seems similar to the Wave and Stage EX series. It features a red case, with grey black and white trim. On the right-hand side the space beside the control panel has a menu hierarchy stamped. Performer can also use this space to accommodate a laptop.
Some important features are Nord C1 organ engine, new effects and EQ, bigger on-board memory, a monitor input and the Mellotron library. The Electro 3 offers two keyboard sizes (61- and 73-note) with the waterfall organ format.

Noticeable sound improvement has been made in the C1 engine. The rotary emulation, percussion and key click now present much better sounds for you. New settings are available such as a setting for key acceleration, percussion level control and new key clicks. The piano section also offers some new features. The sample library has been standardized by Clavia; therefore, performers can use this piano instrument across the Electro series. The highest quality of the sound is the Yamaha CP sound and on-board acoustic pianos. These sound very clear and resonant; just like a real piano.

Sample Import
This is the most significant feature of the keyboard. The sample library button allows you to access sounds from Clavia’s growing library. This new organ model offers 68MB of flash sample memory onboard with a software editor from Clavia. It is also able to read mono/stereo file formats up to 44.1 kHz at 24-bit resolution.

Effects and Amps
For performers who love adding effects to their music, Nord 3 effect department provides all that they need. There are four sections of effects that provide different unique sounds. The Auto-wah, tremolo, chorus and amp simulators are great effects to use in your music.

Nord Electro 3 is very powerful and greatly improved. Even though the Stage series are even more advanced than this product is, there are many reasons why you should get Electro 3. The sounds, sample import, effects and amps are attractive features to enhance your music performance.

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